Caitlin Fullam

Caitlin is a travel and outdoor lifestyle photographer living in Boulder, CO. She inspires wanderlust and tells stories of awe through creative self portraiture and whimsical dreamscapes. Professionally Caitlin has worked with various clients in the outdoor, travel, and fashion industries, in addition to her past life as a portrait photographer. No matter the industry, her body of work has cohesion to it, an identifiable combination of color-play, nostalgia, and cinematic composition. Creating the most realistic image is not important to her- creating a feeling is.

Caitlin loves being out in nature as much as possible, and can often be found laughing in sheer mirth- that is, excessively enjoying the simple beauties. Shadow play, snow glittering pink in the morning sun, or the way winter air snatches her breath away. Her dog/sidekick Juniper inspires her to hike every single morning rain or shine. Her curious heart guides her down dusty unfamiliar roads after dark, even when fear tickles the back of her throat and she’s all alone.

It’s this passion to see the world and to share the beauties that lie around each corner, that push her onward, adventuring to new lands, and experimenting with color and light. In a world of constant visual stimulation, she aims to create meaningful and compelling work that stops the viewer mid-scroll.

From the Artist... As a photographer, I tell stories of adventure and inspire awe through thought-provoking self-portraiture and otherworldly dreamscapes. I tend to work alone, often traveling to remote destinations and camping in the wild to allow myself the time and space to create. Commercially I have worked with the various clients in the outdoor, travel, and fashion industries, such as Mazda, Gobe, Visit Colorado, Stutterheim and Hipcamp. Ultimately my goal is to expose and share the beauty all around us, finding inspiration in whimsical landscapes and a deep nostalgia for the places I once knew and people I have met along the way.

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