Shellton LaBron Tremble

Shellton LaBron Tremble is a conceptual and visionary artist from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The theme behind his creations is Passion, Power, and Perpetuity. His work is very vivid and imaginary. His work can be found is public and private collections.

From the Artist... The natural world and surreal imagery, colors, forms and beauty captivate me. I believe that any object or subject can be applied to a surface and used to convey thoughts and imagination. I strongly believe in all types of mediums and experimentation is one of my key strengths. I love to add texture and depth. I try to provoke deep emotions and modes in my work. I cater more to abstract, surreal and conceptual creativity, but not exclusively. I consider art as universal, so I create with the cosmos in mind. I am very keen when it comes to tantalizing and innovative concepts. I want the world and my touch of human ingenuity to portray an unbound and flowing energy in all of us.

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