Shadimere Coles

Shadimere Coles is a U.S. based Fine Art and Conceptual Photographer and Imagemaker from Paterson, NJ. He creates work which considers the complexities of human experience and our connections to the universe. Through composites and frames he utilizes the digital canvas to explore varying versions of “the self” through themes of mortality, hiraeth, and introspection.

From the Artist... "I remember. Recollections of distinct hues, motions, and forms as a young child serve as foundational memories to my core being. Feelings of hiraeth and nostalgia cloud my mind as I recount what is and what was. These abstractions and forms collide and separate, settling into the frame of my psyche. As I grew and evolved, these same memories began to fade and form into shells of past lives. What purpose did they hold if I could no longer experience and perceive the manifestations of my mind?

Capturing moments in time is nothing short of spiritual. Returning to a moment and reliving experiences and emotions is extremely significant and further intensified when shooting analog. The magic in film photography and added layers of patience remind me of the mindfulness that I carry throughout my life, while the digital allows me to experiment and mutate through continuous clicks of the shutter and color manipulation.  Time, patience, process and caution built some of the founding principles of my work and who I am. 

My practice regularly incorporates special attention to composition and form. With color varying hues serve as intentional vehicles for emotion, intentionally juxtaposed especially in abstractions. Textures flow in and out of my digital work, increasing the digital viewing experience while adding layers of depth and a movement through pixels; creating characteristics that speak to feel and touch. The variety in my work speaks on the complexities of the human experience and what we sought to achieve and experience."

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