ARTISTMARK is a critically acclaimed, pioneering digital artist - exclusively using the Apple iPad and iPhone as his canvas. He is best known for his award winning digital art compositions called Experimental POP.  Experimental POP is a next generation form of digital mixed media - transforming images into a unique multi-filtered form of intelligent iPad art.

From the Artist... I was an early adopter of the iPad and found myself quickly immersed in the creative potential of the device. It was clean – portable – and allowed for spontaneous creativity – something I always found difficult when creating with traditional pencil, paper, paint and photography.

Creating art has always been my passion and as I get older, the connectors in my brain seem more focused - allowing me to easily visualize and compose exciting new pieces.  The iPad offers a radically different platform to tap into my creative universe and helps me magically create art that was previously captured only in my imagination.

The term Intelligent iPad Art originated from my creative process - painstakingly identifying, mixing and matching my particular recipes of drawings, images, textures and designs - with select applications to create my unique compositions. The most wonderful aspect of my work is metamorphosing back into my twenties and getting lost in the process. I simply dance through each stroke, filter, layer, and texture as I complete a piece. There is always a disappointment when it is done as I become part of the process - but it is a critical part of the creative progression to know when to stop. Many of my works take hours to complete and are produced based on a single foundation – which is rarely edited or scrapped. It is a natural, uncompromising process – accountable and rooted in the initial structure of the work. When it is done - I spit it out for the world to see - as the universe intended.

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