Arlen Costa de Paula

Arlen Costa is a Brazilian artist who combines contemporary and manual processes to create infinite possibilities in digital art. He has participated in many regional, national, and international artistic events, including exhibitions such as the FILE in São Paulo and Videoformers in Clermont-Ferrant, France. His abstract painting style allows him to express himself spiritually and create new images through the combination of several layers of images obtained by scanning and manipulated with digital tools. Costa's use of color is essential to reveal his creative energy and awaken new sensations in viewers. "Abstract painting is my way of expressing myself spiritually through gestures, colors, and textures. By combining image manipulation tools with traditional painting techniques, I am free to experiment and discover new paths for creating images. My process involves scanning multiple layers of images and manipulating them digitally to achieve the desired result. The colors I use are essential in revealing the creative energy behind my work and to evoke a sense of wonder in the viewer."

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