Adam Plant

Adam Plant is an Australian artist, musician, comedian, and guy with a mustache. If there is such a thing as counter-culture, Adam Plant’s work amplifies all of it and pushes a force of artistic darkness. Described as a “visual feast” followed by “conceptual food poisoning”, Adam’s work has been published around the globe where it has shocked and entertained audiences.

From the Artist... Misery on my chest, blackness in my head, and terrible visions of danger… It’s all a reminder that life has become bigger than simple nursery rhymes (or perhaps I’ve become too old to sing them). Whatever the case may be, it’s getting worse and I’m getting tired. Everything I knew has faded away and distorted images of stagnation have taken their place. The childhood nostalgia I once cherished now bleeds with regrets while friends and family become visions of age and sickness. Everything has mutated beyond recognition yet nothing has changed at all.

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