AJ Rojas

RockofAJs is the art, AJ Rojas is the artist. Tapping into natural life and organic shapes consistent with the intuitive mode of Biomorphism, AJ describes himself as an Abstractionist painter whose work sits in the gray area between Abstract and Surreal Art.

From the Artist... Engaging in Geometric Abstraction from time to time, my process typically begins with unrehearsed irregular or straight lines placed throughout the canvas. After the initial line placement, I use my own unique perspective to look into the random lines and find the hidden images he created from my subconscious. Once the compelling lineaments are revealed, I tweak them into form then add dense colorations to the canvas with much thought and process. An important feature of my work is to always leave a window open for the viewer to create their own experience with my art. I have always felt that the viewer's perspective is of equal importance as my own. Therefore, while I paint I work around the canvas creating relevant perspectives depending on its orientation. In other words, “I create the art, but you create the experience”.

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