Pia Thrasher

Pia Thrasher is a visual artist originally from Germany, where she started her art education at the E.T.A. Hoffman Gymnasium in Bamberg. After immigrating to the US, she worked as a production artist and graphic designer. Soon she started her own company Thrasher Design in San Diego. Pia recently branched out into the film industry and has been recognized for her acting, screenwriting and filmmaking talent.Pia loves using multiple mediums ranging from traditional art, such as acrylics, watercolor and ink, to 3D art, photography and experimental video. While Pia’s work includes nature, landscape and animal studies, characters and pop art, she is mostly drawn to surreal and dark themes. Her work under the pseudonym “Her Dark Half” focuses on just that.

Artist Statement:

"I’ve always been fascinated by the macabre and the unspoken. When I was a child I often witnessed the families of recently deceased coming to our home and commissioning my father, a stonemason and sculptor, to create beautiful tombstones and gravesites. The hushed tones and whispers always conjured up the wildest images in my head. Death was an everyday, natural thing to me because it brought my father work. We had tombstones and sculptures all around our front and backyard for display, which made it look like we lived in a cemetery.Creating is catharsis to me. Most of the time my art is spontaneous and impulsive. Sometimes it evolves over months or even years. The urge to create comes and goes in waves, but it’s always there; be it painting, writing, filming or experimenting with other mediums.Whenever there is an intended theme in my artwork, it usually expresses fear of the unknown, the inevitability of death, passage of time, loneliness, insecurities or repressed female anger and aggression. Then again sometimes I simply draw a goofy cartoon. Life is short, express yourself! It sounds cliche, but I really believe in it."

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