Boudoir Cafe

Cherie Steinberg and Hedley Jones collectively make “Cheriefoto”. Cherie has been honored with the Canadian Council for the Arts Award, Canada's equivalent of the National Endowment for the Arts Award. She is a Getty Image Stock Photographer whose works are sold worldwide. A bright personality with incredible style and flair, her photography goes beyond a work of art. Cherie was listed by Nikon as “one of the world’s great photographers.” Hedley Jones’ work ranges from traditional broadcasting and digital music to commercial photography. He began in broadcast broadcast career with CBC Radio in Toronto, as a Writer/Producer for several highly acclaimed programs including the Juno nominated, daily morning variety show Eclectic Circus. As “Deadly Hedley,” he became one of the city’s most loved and most respected DJs, introducing audiences to the best in reggae, worldbeat & house music, shaping the musical tastes of a generation of Toronto listeners. Since 2003, Hedley has utilized his visual and technical skills in the artistic medium of commercial and wedding photography.

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