DL Warfield

For DL Warfield, a roundly respected and highly accomplished creative crusader, having a multitude of talent, motivation and persistence has always been a good thing. Yet it is his theory -- one which has made him one of the most revered persons in the creative field -- that good could never substitute for greatness. Having the insight and intuition of a great artist, along with the intensity and prolific vision of a genius, have already proven critical to his success, which could have made it easy to become comfortable in his position, especially considering the recognition and reward he has received for consistently breaking new creative ground on an international level. It is Warfield's continued ambition, undaunted aspiration, and personal commitment to artistic elevation that pushes him to bring new ideas to creation and fearlessly pursue whatever comes next, giving every project a golden touch.

A graduate of Washington University's School of Fine Arts (under scholarship for Track and Field as well as Football, where he was team captain and 1st team All-Conference for both sports), DL won 8 conference championships as a sprinter in the 55m, 100m & 200m dashes while earning a Bachelor's Degree in Painting. Intent upon building an illustrious career from a foundational position as an intern for Edison Brothers Stores, Inc., the St. Louis native soon became designated as a Product Developer and designer for the fashion retail corporation, creating logos and clothing designs for their super-successful Oaktree, Shifty’s and Factory brand divisions.

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