Lisa Konewko Valle

Lisa Konewko Valle is a self taught visual artist who finds inspiration primarily in the human and animal faces, particularly the eyes. Working almost exclusively in mixed media, she often uses unconventional supplies such as forks and scissor blades to achieve textural components. She currently resides in Palm Bay, Florida.

From the Artist... If I had to choose my most favorite subject matter it would be the human face. I find endless inspiration in the subtle nuances of facial expression, particularly the eyes. I work almost exclusively in mixed media. Most of my works start off with a light pencil sketch and then I go in and refine the details. It is at that time, after the initial pencil sketch, that I have to decide which direction I’m going to go and which art supplies will take me there. I am a huge fan of oil pastels and colored pencils. I can often times create an interesting texture by laying down layers of oil pastel and then using the side of a scissor blade to scrape it off the paper or canvas. I also use palette knives in this way, as well as either end of a fork. I tend to work quickly and messily and do not have the intestinal fortitude required to work in oil paint. When I do paint, I almost exclusively use acrylics.

I am also a huge fan of sharpies of every girth and tip as well as white paint pens. I predominantly create works on paper but I’m also a fan of flat back canvas. I love to create mood through color, texture and facial expression and am motivated by that elusive quest when I am creating a work of art, and wholeheartedly endorse the statement of Leonardo da Vinci that art is never finished, just abandoned.

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