Nance Musinguzi

Nance Musinguzi is a Minneapolis-based visual artist dedicating their practice to documentary photography and photojournalism. Their work is primarily concerned with the cultural representation of marginal communities in media and place in American society. Exploring the intersection of music, art, technology and activism, Musinguzi uses their lens to document their experiences from a first-generation African American perspective.

From the Artist... Musinguzi’s background in Cultural Anthropology and Political Science as well as a personal relationship to the history of African American documentary photography, has significantly influenced the subversive sincerity of their visual practice. Musinguzi understands that the responsibility of rendering minorities with integrity and complexity shouldn't solely be left to mainstream media. Musinguzi seeks to subsume people of color into the broader conversation of beauty, through documenting their everyday life. Like their predecessors, Musinguzi uses their camera to capture the disturbing, and the alluring. Their work has been commissioned and exhibited by a variety of digital and print platforms like VSCO, XXL Magazine, Source Magazine, The African Lens, Greenroom Magazine and CMJ. They have installed their work in several group and solo exhibitions with Casket Arts, The McKnight Foundation, Target Corporation, The National Association of Black Journalists, Cicely Tyson School of the Performing Arts, PLOT Gallery, Winona State University and Open Doors Citywide Festival 2016.

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