Why Loupe Art

We offer an innovative visual experience that includes digital art playlists, streamed in gorgeous high resolution, powered by a diverse portfolio of contemporary artists.

Extensive Art Catalog

Loupe's catalog includes thousands of contemporary artworks - sourced from artists around the globe and curated into themed collections.


Loupe's platform allows you to customize art displays based on location, zone, or even time of day. Every space deserves its unique narrative, and we help you craft it.


Refresh any location instantly, without costly and time consuming physical art sourcing and installation.

Remotely Programmable

Effortlessly program and schedule art displays, from one location to multiple zones and properties.

Environmental Benefits

Reduce material waste, lower carbon emissions from transportation, and provide energy-efficient and reusable art solutions.

White Glove Curation

Loupe’s Curation Team can tailor art selections to each location, providing a unique, relevant, and engaging digital art experience.