Sapna Jain

Sapna Jain is an Indian abstract artist based in Dubai. An accountant by profession, she taught herself how to paint five years ago and has achieved a lot as a relative newcomer in the art scene. She has exhibited her art in various shows in the UAE as well as in India and London. She has also won awards and has sold her work internationally to collectors in Japan, London, Singapore, and Australia. Her success has proven that you don’t necessarily need a formal arts education to become a professional artist.

Artist Statement:

"Abstract art always inspired and attracted me, but somehow, I couldn’t portray my feelings by just applying layers of colors. They would look ornamental and beautiful, but not emotional. All my works revolve around some kind of psychic messages. Thus, in quest of such forms of art, I slowly developed my own style which thankfully is so lovingly accepted by my audiences. I am deeply inspired by works of the legendary M.F. Hussain."

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