Tracy Whiteside

Tracy Whiteside is an award-winning Chicago-area photographer specializing in conceptual art. She is internationally published in art, literature, and fashion.  A photographer since 2004, Whiteside is self-taught. Inspiration is everywhere, and she explores each element that stirs her passion. She wants to open the viewers’ eyes and mind, as well as encourage them to examine their own soul and spirit.

From the Artist... Although a photographer since 2004, I’ve waited until late in life to publicly share my passion for surrealism. My artistic outlet is creating dream-like images that explore our innermost fears and desires. Often my images manifest as nightmares. I want my art to encourage people to take a break from reality while the images awaken the imagination of the observer.

Surrealism takes us out of the everyday and allows us to discover unexpected worlds. It opens the unconscious mind. In photography, surrealism goes hand-in-hand with composite art, which is combining elements of different photos together into one image. These art forms help us revive our imagination. This is vital because it influences everything we do. This is how inventions are created. This is how we solve problems. Just daydreaming creates more neurons in the brain.  Storytelling is central to creating my photographic series. Recognizing ourselves in art is cathartic. Knowing that we are not alone in how we feel normalizes us. We are not alone in our pain.

Currently, I am exploring what makes us human. Not our biology but our mind. The most fundamental part of our consciousness. I am focused on women: our experiences, emotions, hopes, and anxieties that make us who we are. Our spiritual beings. It’s an exceptional journey.

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