Alana Dee Haynes

Alana Dee Haynes is an American artist who lives and works in New York City- though she recently purchased a church from 1895 in PA and is converting it into a home/ art studio. In a meditative process of repetitive mark-making, Haynes overlays complex patterns and latticework over the forms of found objects and images. This method of obfuscation acts as a highlighter, illuminating moments in each painting and sculpture that give the viewer a glimpse into Haynes’ world, only to again dissolve into her fields of line work and motif. Through her deliberate layering and bold combination of techniques, each work becomes an archaeological record of the artist’s creative experience.

Haynes studied photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology. As a member of Apostrophe NYC’s Base 12 Project she had a year long residency at MANA Contemporary. She currently shows with Ki Smith Gallery and has works in several prominent private and public collections.

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