Mark Paulda

Mark Paulda is a globe-trotting photographer and best selling author whose thirst for knowledge takes him to almost every corner of the world. Mark’s images have been exhibited throughout the world in galleries, special exhibition and museums. He has been nominated for a Grammy award as well as being a Grammy finalist for Best Album Art (Recollections by Asia featuring John Payne).

From the Aritst... I like art. (just joking) "Why are you here?" he asked one day. It was a simple question, but it made me think for a long time before I answered. Why am I always capturing photographs? Photography has given me an outlet to express myself and create something that can never be taken away from me. When I'm behind the lens, nothing else matters; time stops; and all cares go away. It's as if the world ceases to exist and only I, my camera, and those within viewfinder exist.

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