Jeffrey Wilcox Paclipan

Jeffrey Wilcox Paclipan's gallery solo and group exhibitions include Galeria Tew, Bill Lowe, Chastain Arts Center, Mammal Gallery, WREK Georgia Tech's 50th Anniversary in Atlanta, GA, Life On Mars in New York, NY, Brooklyn Waterfront Art Coalition, Brooklyn, NY and is currently represented by Hathaway Contemporary Gallery. Paclipan's mixed media college submission "Salvador Del Mundo" was highlighted in a Miami Herald art review of the 36th Hortt Memorial Exhibition, Museum of Art, Ft. Luaderdale, FL, in 1994, "Nova Traditiones" Seven Approaches to Visual Expression Group Exhibition, The I.P. Stanback Museum, South Carolina State University, 2001, as well as exhibiting at The Atlanta Financial Center and Artwalk at Lenox Square in Atlanta, GA, 1997-98. Burnaway-Art Review, Matthew Terrell, Something Out of Nothing- February 27, 2018, First time exhibition/installation at the Chastain Arts Center, AT, GA. Scheduled exhibitions, Ogelthorpe University, Exhibition/Installation, "Super Natural" 3 person show, November 2018-January 2019, Hathaway Contemporary Gallery, Two person exhibition with Kevin Cole, January -February 2019.

From the Artist... I am compelled to create objects with nontraditional materials and transform them to a greater meaning. As a processed based materialist painter I constantly work to combine various materials together. This combination of endless "what ifs" are very enticing, each layers create a visual stimuli. It is not necessarily about viewing something for the sake of beauty - but to create a visual emotional connection and response from within. Having always wrestled with the act of articulating my work, I now believe it's enough for each art piece to engage each viewer individually with its own visual language. I work viscerally, using materials combined together and easily accessible: from embellishing beads on toys, confetti, gift wrapping paper, or puzzles on canvas or wood. Each work brings attention to places people may not have otherwise noticed, demarking a place where kitsch and sophistication and highbrow and lowbrow intersect. My aesthetics have been subliminally informed by the pop culture and I observe the mainstream with not knowing, never defining, but allowing for continual change. I act as alchemist: kitsch, plastic toys and insects, faux jewels, stuffed toys, and fragmented emotions are my materials. I want to be present in the moment of creation. My process is the act of acceptance.

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