Alex Morris

Brooklyn based collage artist, Alex Morris, has been creating collage work for more than 3 years under the instagram pseudonym Working in the Advertising industry, Alex began collage as a means of post-work catharsis– coming home from a day of making ads only to sit down and cut magazine ads into pieces. Although he doesn’t restrict himself to only using advertising imagery any more, it serves the same purpose: a meditation of sorts that comes with dismantling what’s in front of you and assembling something completely different than the sum of its parts would suggest.While his primary material is glue and paper, Alex considers himself more of a mixed media artist, and frequently incorporates ink, paint, and other materials into his collage work. The goal of every piece is to have a unique meaning to each individual viewer– meant to provoke something personal, but bring viewers together under the mutual umbrella of having a private feeling brought forward.

From the Artist... During the day I make ads for a living. At night I cut ads up to stay sane. I started making collage art 2 years ago. I was coming home after a long day of creating solutions to problems that couldn’t be solved. I needed something enveloping, yet menial, to swaddle my brain.

At the time, we had just commissioned a bunch of collage artists for a client. Unlike most mediums, I was drawn to the idea of collage since you didn’t start with something to say. You started with a magazine and hoped different parts would look ok next to each other. There was no reason to it. It was simply about what was evoked when the right set of ingredients were put together.

And I fell in love with the process.

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