Alan Lacke

Graduated in Graphic Arts. National Polygraphic Center. Havana. Alan Lacke complements his plastic arts studies in the studio of the Cuban painter Ernesto García Peña and in the studio of the sculptor Eduardo Díaz Piñeiro in Havana. Since 2015, he has been developing his constant work as a plastic artist, always focusing his work on abstract art. His works are based on the spontaneous, safe and free expression of the artist's gesture when he paints. But without ever leaving aside the previous and meticulous study of the pictorial exercise, the final composition and the color that are fundamental axes in his work.

From the Artist... My art is based mainly on scientific information, mathematical laws, cosmic energies and the history. I use the simplest elements to represent my ideas, so the most basic forms and above all color are essential in my works. A previous study of the line and gesture is paramount as ways to find that harmony that represents order in the universe and color as an instrument to convey sensations to those who contemplate my paintings. There is always a search for the essential in my work, of the spirit of things, of what is beyond the surface, of the visible. I try to bring the viewer to a silent contemplation that conveys to him an almost mystical sense of seeing the world.

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