Alex Victor Ihnatenko

Alex Victor Ihnatenko (AVI) is Barcelona based artist from Ukraine. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in The Kiev Academy of Applied Arts and Design in 2020. The artist specializes in painting, sculpturing and creating stained glass. More than 100 of the artist's artworks are in private collections around the world.

From the Artist... At the touch of a button or screen we are able to communicate effortlessly and consume large amounts of information at a rapid speed. The unprecedented technological development and high-speed progress overall afforded us modern living filled with conveniences and efficiencies.

As well as more “information noise”. These “noises’ are everywhere; whether we are seeking it or not. They appear in images and sounds through advertisements, events, and our surroundings in general. Sometimes it might be overwhelming and chaotic and my idea is to create a refuge filled with tranquility, peace and solitude.

I want to capture this state of stillness and express them through my oil paintings and transmit them to my collectors. I want to express the positive cheerful state of being with oneself. Like that moment of tranquility, when the phone is off, a glass of wine is poured, and a sunset is admired in silence. I aspire to express this refuge by original oil paintings with natural and simple motives, but adorned with rich, bright colors and textural contrasts and nuances.

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