Erni Vales

Way back in the 80s, A very young artist was sneaking out from his home to find his way, and his name onto the flanks of NYC subway cars and walls. Then the 90s came and while you partied in the most popular clubs of your era, Erni Vales painted murals, turning the walls of over 300 clubs from NYC to Chicago to Miami into his own personal canvas.

The early 90s Vales found himself in Hollywood where he would paint murals for 2 TV series, The Flash on CBS and Viper on NBC along with murals on many other notable movies like Seven, all the while beginning his collaborations with famed photographer David LaChapelle, creating sets for many celebrities like Madonna and Elton John.

Currently Vales, no longer a young teen running from the law just to create art now boasts many enforcement agencies as clients, US Marshals, Interpol, as well as an A-list of corporate clients from Pepsi, Dos Equis, Absolut, Wu-Tang and Def Jam.

Now, after almost 4 decades of designs for everyone else Vales had turned back to his one love and passion - his own paintings. In 2010 Vales went out and created 169 paintings in just 13 months, An Unusual Journey. His gallery, called EVLworld, in the heart of Miami’s Art District is a staple and has many fans.

From the artist... Someone recently told me I was old now, for the first time in my life I found that statement to be so funny. Yes I have been here now many years but old, I don’t think so. Its true I was painting subways cars in the 80s at a feverish pace which has brought me “legitimacy” in the graffiti art and commercial world, a world that I remember being a part of hundreds of people, today I guesstimate I am now a part of close to a million, worldwide.

Graffiti, the foundation of my career (who knew?) is a worldwide phenomenon and I am proud to be a part of its history. Its true, because of graffiti I have traveled the globe, painted for celebrities, been written about and have been able to challenge the artist in me for well into 30 years now.

Its true I would have painted on anything back then and yes, its true I still will paint on anything that stands till long enough, the difference today is that If I spray paint your car I will send you an invoice afterward. What a great life! I have learned many things on my journey and gathered many wonderful friends that without graffiti I would never have had the opportunity to meet, photographers, painters, filmmakers, builders, lawyers, skaters and well you get it I have learned that there isn’t a medium that I cant find a way to express, or communicate thru and that’s really the foundation of graffiti, communication and its true, I enjoy that.

I have become less “old” these days, reinvigorated by the new challenges in life and its true that I will be sharing more on this website than in my previous sites, this site I will try to share my thoughts, my ideas that drove my body to create and create I did, thousands on thousands of drawings, sketches, paintings weather with tools or lately digitally I create, I hope to color everyone’s world with at least one small splash of color, of life and share my times with anyone interested enough to take a look.

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