Reed Knauth

Reed Knauth is a trained watercolor fine artist, textile designer, graphic designer and founder of Rosebud Studios - a haven for bohemian inspired original artworks, prints and home decor goods. She has been creating art from a very young age and has a dual degree in Graphic Design + Fine art. Reed is inspired by nature + fashion trends and is best recognized for creating unexpected color palettes and organic shapes. She currently lives and works in her Midtown home and her studio at The Goat Farm.

When creating, Reed works best in an intuitive style of painting that evokes a certain amount of energy, movement and spontaneity. Her signature style is that of eccentric and vibrant color palettes, gestural marks, complicated patterns and various texture applications. As a textile designer she looks heavily to radical trends in fashion design and patterns in nature to inspire much of her content. Her focus stays with natural, organic, fluid elements that have the ability to warp and evolve. Her newest landscape and floral collections practice Japanese aesthetics and explore the principles of negative space - leaving the work slightly unfinished, thus inviting the viewer into the painting to actively complete it.

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