Fostering wellness through art

Establish Calming Environments: The presence of artwork contributes to the cultivation of serenity and tranquility, benefiting the well-being of both staff and patients, ultimately enhancing workplace contentment and the healing process.

Reduce Stress: At the Cleveland Clinic, 65% of Cancer patients say that art has helped reduce stress levels. And 39% say art has improved their comfort level and helped better manage pain.¹

Distraction and Pain Management: Distract patients undergoing painful or uncomfortable medical procedures, with digital art. It can divert their attention away from the pain, making the experience more tolerable.

Improved Mental Health: Art can have a positive impact on mental health by promoting feelings of hope, inspiration, and positivity. Patients struggling with depression or emotional distress may benefit from the presence of art. Looking at a gorgeous painting, sculpture, or other artwork increases blood flow to the brain by as much as 10%.²

Humanizing a Sterile and Clinical Environment: Art can humanize the environment, making it more welcoming and friendly. This can help patients feel more comfortable and less like they are in an institutional setting.