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Marc VanDermeer

Marc is a multidisciplinary artist. The only son of the artist/sculpture/poet Carol Vandermeir Levy. Marc holds a BFA in film from the Philadelphia College of Art (U'Arts). Marc's career path out of college was into the advertising film and video industry. In 1985 in founded his sales and management company, CAM inc. In 2006, he left his company to focus entirely on art. While his roots are in painting and film, he incorporates mixed media elements with his work today.   His work in photography is varied from bnw street, landscape, and abstract collage. He was an early pioneer in digital art, and in 2002 he started to use digital painting, filters, and layering in his art.   Marc works from his studio in Connecticut. He has attended workshops and classes at Silvermine Art's and the Contemporary Print Center for the past ten years. Marc is best known for his multiple-dimensional layered collages, which draw inspiration from nature, light, and color.

From the Artist... Experimentation is the mother of invention, or so the saying goes. Most of my work evolves from an insatiable appetite to challenge myself to create something new and different. Ruled and driven by instinct, which pushes me to experiment. A good example would be Autumn Blaze, which started as a photograph and later morphed into something entirely different. Sometimes I use a scanner to bring in my drawings done in pastel and colored pencils. Once in Adobe PS, I then create layers building up the collage. Painting with digital brushes is very satisfying in that it brings back the joy I once found in painting. Working with digital elements gives one the ability to save, experiment, and go back. Autumn Blaze is part of a series of five. Each one addresses the theme of Autumn using the colors of the Fall.

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