Ragni Agarwal

Ragni is an Indian-American, ⁠⁣⁠⁣⁠RADical Artist + Designer based in Los Angeles who celebrates the weirdos & their neurodivergent brains, believes in questioning everything, chases palettes and blooms at her own pace.

Currently she is a freelance graphic design + branding consultant and artist with a wide range of clients including Bombay Sapphire, Palladium,  and Always Brand. ⁣ Graphic Design allows her to find creative solutions to everyday problems while art gives her the freedom to uninhibitedly express herself and her experiences inhabiting the world. Driven by a pop art aesthetic and bold colors, the underlying themes in Ragni Agarwal's work are inclusion and the celebration of all types of beauty.

From the Artist... Born out of necessity, art is my compass through the unpredictable landscape of my mind. Being a creative isn’t an option for me. It is a necessity. It is my therapy. Mental health, body (dis)illusions and self destructive thoughts and behaviors are the focus of my work. I do not believe in societal pressures or definitions of beauty, and through my work I am a part of the counterculture redressing this issue. I draw women in all their beautiful forms, shapes, sizes and colors. They are the epitome of creativity. I am woman and this is my journey.

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