Anum Farooq

Anum Farooq is an award winning autodidactic artist, and an alumna of Imperial College London. An internationally published artist, global educator and mentor. Anum’s art relates to exploring, dreaming and discovering the world around us, educating ourselves with inner insights enlightened with natural perspectives, to enable a holistic art experience.Anum has been awarded the 2023 Artistic Excellence Award from the Circle Foundation for the Arts in Greece, as well as the RAK Fine Arts Festival 2023 Poetry Award. In 2022, Anum was longlisted for Digital Innovation in Art Award and was a participant in the Noon Arts Award exhibition.Anum has exhibited her artwork in Lacuna International Contemporary Arts Festival with her poem 'Reflect' exhibited in the RAK Heritage Village, as well as her artwork being showcased internationally from England, Italy, Canary Islands, Finland, West Africa, Canada Georgia, Turkey, Germany and USA amongst others. Anum has been interviewed for publications in culture capitals such as Venice, Hong Kong and London.Anum is represented by prominent art organisations such as ArtCan UK, Studio Montclair USA, OutsideIn UK and Loupe. She is a member of Creatives for Climates, and has also collaborated with UneARTh Art Society to work on artwork through the lens of ecology via an international artists collective.She is an accomplished artist whose work has garnered attention and recognition in the art world.

Her art is a reflection of her unique perspective and creative vision, capturing the beauty and complexity of the world around us. Anum's artwork has been featured in numerous exhibitions and showcases worldwide, demonstrating her skill and versatility as an artist. Her portfolio includes abstract paintings, mixed media pieces, and digital art, each with its own distinct style and message. Her ability to create such varied work is a testament to her talent and creativity.She was selected as a Tate Online Artist in 2012. Additionally, she was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Mayor of Enfield in 2002. Her art has also been licensed by 500px, Visual China Group, and Ontario, Canada, demonstrating the global appeal and recognition of her work.Several important art pieces have also been showcased in exhibitions worldwide. The Meditation was featured in the ZO Blue Expo in the United States, while Dusk on Water was showcased in SAAC's Art in Public Places, USA. 'Roots of Courage' was presented in the My Art Inspo 2021 Prague campaign. HESA Inprint in Finland has published Anum’s artwork in 2012.Anum's artistic achievements extend beyond the art world, with her work being recognized by the wider community. In 2021, she was invited to be a Linked INNYC Women of the World Artist, highlighting her impact and influence on society as a whole. Her work has also been featured in social media campaigns, including The Poignant Rose in the Art, Culture, Tourism UK Social Media Campaign of 2021.

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