Michael Grottano

Michael Grottano's photographs are shot with a Sony NEX5 Mirrorless Camera and an iPhone 11pro.  The subject matter includes everything from Street Photography to Candid Moments and from Landscapes to Architecture. The overarching motif in his photography seems to be that it imbues one with a sense of calmness or stillness in a complex and fast paced world. This, along with a great sense of composition, subject matter and vibrant use of color (in subject matter as well as in post) which also imbues a sense of calm while still drawing the eye in.

At a young age Michael remembers going through photos from his own parents' childhood and appreciating how authentic and genuine the moments seemed to be captured were. They gave the feeling of originality and boldness. There wasn't much care of what others were thinking while they were having fun being in the moment.  The feeling of being forced just wasn’t there. The colors seem so vibrant and bold as well. The moment was never sacrificed for the sake of the photo, and that made all the difference. They still to this day let him revisit those moments, feeling like they never ended and would always be there to enjoy again and again. He always felt drawn to photography because of this and knew photography would be a part of his future….somehow.

Michael did in fact study photography throughout high school and into college and, in addition to their amazing guidance,  was lauded by his professors and encouraged greatly to pursue his art and love of photography… and he is doing just that. Michael dedicates these images to his loving parents and his two older sisters who showed him what life was all about.

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