Q. Wang

Q. Wang is a Los Angeles/California/USA based artist. He was born and grew up in China. He started painting at West Los Angeles College in 2006. Q. Wang developed his own painting style – Freeism. It have no rules, don't care about the skills, is not like a traditional “Fine Art”, but pursue a totally New View. The result is a free atmosphere, and a space of imagination.

Generally speaking, before Manet, peoples all try to paint alike, after Manet, peoples try to paint dislike. It's a broken process. Monet broken the brush, Van Gogh broken the plane, Matisse broken the colors, Miro broken Shapes, Picasso broken the construction, Abstraction broken the object. Q. Wang broke the bars between objective and non-objective paintings. Q. Wang's world is 4-dimensional. His painting is a combination of 2-dimension and 3-dimension, or something between.

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