Lisa DuBois

Visual artist Lisa DuBois was born and raised in New York City, which is also where she currently resides. She is a modern-day Renaissance woman who expresses her talent in a wide array of genres, ranging from conventional photography to digital surrealism and even further afield. Lisa’s work has been exhibited internationally, including in India, France, and Greece. Her artistic and curatorial work has been highlighted in publications such as the Guardian and the New York Times. She founded X Gallery, an artist and photographer collective. In her role at Social Documentary Network, Lisa serves as both the photo editor and diversity advisor.

From the Artist... In the right light, even the most ordinary object or situation can be transformed into a beautiful photo or painting. Photographically and artistically, I’m always looking for new perspectives and points of interest amidst the obvious. Every place I’ve traveled to and every person I’ve met along the way has influenced my art. Also, I’ve drawn inspiration from works of art and photography I’ve seen in museums, books, and galleries.

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