Shanda Paige

"Eccentric at heart and eclectic by design"

Shanda Paige is a visual artist from Tennessee who works primarily in painting and printmaking. Heavily influenced by the surrealists, a number of contemporary artists, music, and M.C. Escher, she has a keen interest in lithography and likes to experiment with sculpture and animation. Her work could be described as realistically whimsical and unrealistically organic. Shanda received her BFA in Painting with a Business Minor at the University of Montevallo, Alabama, in 2014. Since, she has participated in a number of print exchanges between studios in Seattle and the UK. For five years, Shanda worked in the city of Birmingham which influenced her art before returning home. She is currently based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

From the Artist... I work in various mediums, mainly in painting and printmaking using a wide range of processes. I generally find much solace and satisfaction in artmaking, especially through painting. A form of communication, it offers me endless opportunities to dive into a creative, spiritual process. I work primarily in oils and tend to work on multiple pieces in a rotation over periods of time while working and experimenting with a variety of other mediums that include printmaking and sculpture. My work attempts to mirror history, time, perceptions, experiences, dreams, structures, places, and people. Many of my paintings capture dreams and fleeting experiences revolving around a time-based dream diary. I am inspired by many things, including patterns, train graffiti, The Twilight Zone, the surrealists, and many artists such as M.C. Escher, Antonio Lopez Garcia, James Rosenquist, and Arturo Herrera. Ephemerality and eternality are recurring motifs. I hope that my work inspires viewers to travel through the space between the natural and abstract and that it encourages them explore their own inner worlds.

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