Mark Alberhasky

Mark picked up a camera in college to make a good photo of a young woman. The irony: he fell in love with both.

Fast forward 30 years. Several decades into a career as a physician, Mark had cause to pick up a camera once again. Trading a pathologist’s view into a microscope for that of a Nikon F100 viewfinder proved irresistible. In 2001 a windsurfing shot made off the coast of Venezuela was published in the US and Europe. His rekindled passion not only touched him, but his family and an ever increasing circle of friends until one of those connections led to industry recognition. In 2004 Nikon began using Mark’s images in their advertising and later that year featured his work in Nikon World magazine. His work has won international awards, attracted clients such as Hewlett-Packard, Lowepro and DxO Software , and found placements in commercial installations, stock agencies (Superstock and Alamy), and private collections. Author Tony Luna (How to Grow as a Photographer: Reinventing Your Career) found Mark’s life changing decisions and success so inspiring it became subject matter in his book. His teaching experience in medicine made the transition to digital photo educator and spokesperson another new direction. In 2006 he became a mentor for the Nikon sponsored Popular Photography Mentor Series Treks. As opportunities to travel and photograph continued, in 2007 Mark stepped away from his medical career and devoted full attention to all things photographic. He now resides in Atlanta, Georgia where his home studio makes private instruction a unique experience. In addition to continuing relationships with Nikon and the Popular Photography Mentor Series, Mark also leads trips for (with photographer Layne Kennedy), an extension of his website and photo business.

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