Hannu Huhtamo

From the Artist, Hannu Huhtamo... Since 2008 I’ve been focused on light painting and long exposure photography. My work consists of floral creatures and sculptures, which I draw into various locations along the elements of the current environment and ambient lighting. Everything you see in the picture has really happened during the exposure. I don’t add or take anything out in post editing.

Each form I create is based on the movements of my body and long exposure time is the way to capture the light trails in darkness. Every shape requires a certain choreography that I’ve planned and practiced beforehand. While the camera’s shutter is open, I’m able to draw in three-dimensional space with different kinds of light sources in my hands.

It’s fascinating to create something that can only be seen in a photograph. Light painting technique captures the journey of light through time and space. Unlike Cartier Bresson’s decisive moment, it’s more like a series of moments that all create the meaning as a whole.

I’m interested in how we define what is beautiful and what is not. I try to examine it through environment by exploring unusual and forgotten places in the city outskirts. Abandoned and dilapidated houses that are reclaimed by nature are usually the most inspiring environments to find hidden beauty. By, painting with light the unseen comes visible. It gives me a possibility to emphasize all the details that I find interesting. Through symmetry I try to reach some sort of a balance between order and chaos.

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