Stream, love, buy art from around the world.


Loupe® is designed to provide artists the opportunity for discovery by global audiences via a continuous, immersive display of artwork on TV and other connected screens.

The core of the Loupe vision lies in the intertwined culture of Music and Art. Enjoy synchronized music designed for each art series on our 24 hr live channels, or create your own unique experience of perfect imagery and sound.


At Loupe, we support the exhibition, distribution and sales of all forms of contemporary art submitted by artists including new digital art forms such as generative, XR and VR art.

In addition to our human curation, Loupe employs AI to deliver customized art channels that can be streamed by color, artist and more.

Shop fine art prints and artist originals with Loupe’s integrated marketplace.

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Stellar Dust by Jim McCormick
The Soft Reality by Petrus Bergstrand
Oblivion by Toni Erm
Reaction X by Dean Rossiter
“Loupe is designed first and foremost as a streaming experience to add to the ambiance and energy of the home or workspace for extended periods of time. Being immersed in the Loupe world, a piece of art can suddenly captivate the viewer. If it truly resonates with the soul, the viewer can translate it into something to purchase, introducing to a physical space for lasting enjoyment.

Loupe applies streaming technology to visual art so the viewer can be as immersed in art as we are with music. It expands that physical experience of great art – like that first visit to the Louvre – to infinite physical locations, times of day, and moods.”
Dot Bustelo
Loupe CEO & Founder
“What Loupe has done that is technically challenging is provide a visual experience worthy of high end art showcasing. Due to the high resolution needed to show artwork as close to its truest form, it presents a very unique challenge. Creating such a rich fluid experience on our platform across all the different device types (i.e. Android, tvOS, and web) has only been possible for a few years due to the limitations of the technology driving those different mediums. This means Loupe must use state of the art coding and engineering techniques to achieve the high level of quality and visual performance we find acceptable.”
Randy Etheredge
Loupe CTO
“I create the playlists entirely from how the art makes me feel. I select a collection, such as Abstract, and allow myself to be moved by the pieces in the stream. To me each stream is like a journey, not meant to be viewed piece by piece, but rather experienced as a whole. Each piece serves as the necessary step to continue to the next.

This is parallel to the way I experience songs within a mix when I dj. It’s about the energy and feeling influenced and inspired by the way the songs flow together. To me, the channel you choose is the mood, the art represents a visual expression of that mood, and the music in the playlist represents the auditory expression of that same mood. Color, style, sounds, instruments, compositions, textures – they all are meant to physically express how we feel.”
Rachel White
Loupe Chief Experience Officer & Music Programmer