Petrus Bergstrand

Petrus Bergstrand

From the Artist, Petrus Bergstand... I was born left handed with the umbilical cord around my neck 1973 into an artistic family and grew up in the finer blocks of Stockholm, Sweden. Not really with a silver spoon in my mouth though, since my mother and father created and performed inventive childrens theatre in the 70´s and we all know that artists struggle to survive. After their divorce in the early 80´s my mother continued to be successful with her career, while my father lost the battle against a disease and died in the beginning of the 90´s. My grandmother was a painter and lived in a beachfront house in the southern part of Sweden. This is where I spent most of my summers as a young boy. The summer days were long and sometimes restless. Here is where my first oil painting was created at the age of 11, through the very basic teaching of my grandmother. During and after the mandatory school years, I was a diligent student in sketching classes and preparatory art classes. Even though the language of my artistic expression started to develop meanwhile in my boy room and later in my first studio apartment in the southern part of Stockholm. In the spring of 1997, I was 23 and felt suffocated by my hometown. I decided to relocate, applied to The Art Student League of New York and was accepted. Later i sold my first work during this time and met professionalism as a young artist. Today I live and have my permanent studio in Stockholm.

My paintings are basically explained as a fusion between decoration and “the invisible”. My paintings are my artistic expression and poetic scenario during my time. A story without words. No beginning or end. Our common human journey through this living mystery which is born through the elements. Darkness, light, chaos and control. The great unknown. In this space I paint and strive to find a dialogue with the motif and to capture a certain phantom animation, vision and feeling with a vague sound. When I can hear this sound and feel the animation, I know the painting is processed and ready. I perceive a name for the painting and leave the interpretation to the spectator. This site show some large and medium size paintings in oil on raw linen canvas. More in stock, always in process.

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