Petrus Bergstrand

Petrus Bergstrand Nordenskiöld, born in 1973 in Stockholm, Sweden, is an artist known for his unique artistic style that blends decoration, expression, and presence. He studied at The Art Students League of New York from 1997 to 2000, and since his graduation, he has exhibited his work regularly in Stockholm, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

Bergstrand Nordenskiöld's paintings serve as his personal artistic statement, aiming to fascinate himself while transcending the art form. They convey a visual narrative state without a definitive beginning or end, characterized by energy, frequency, and vibration. During the painting process, he establishes a dialogue with the subject to capture a specific animation, vision, and feeling that elicits a vague sound. He then assigns a title to the painting and leaves its interpretation to the spectator once the sound is heard and the animation is felt.

Represented by Jean Park at AP space in New York and Los Angeles, Bergstrand Nordenskiöld has garnered attention from private collectors around the world. Some notable collectors of his work include the Joshua Harris collection and Richard Drazal collection in New York, the Yuskei Murayama collection in San Francisco, and the Andreas Ackerup, Dick Fast, Johan Pihl, Carl Tham collections in Stockholm. He is also represented in the Vicki Demant collection in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Given his extensive experience in the arts and his distinct artistic style, Bergstrand Nordenskiöld is considered a promising addition to the contemporary art scene.

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