Michelle Feinberg

My work is driven by a passion for bold, expressive color and the endless possibilities of abstract form. I believe that color has the power to evoke emotion and create a sense of mood and atmosphere in a way that words cannot. In my paintings, I seek to explore (and push) the boundaries of color, texture, and form, using bold, vibrant hues and gestural brushstrokes to create dynamic, eye-catching compositions. 
My process is intuitive and spontaneous, guided by the energy of the moment. I am interested in exploring the relationship between color and space, creating depth and dimension through layering and juxtaposing different hues. 
Above all, my paintings are about capturing the joy and energy of life. I want my viewers to feel a sense of excitement and wonder when they see my work, to be transported to a place of pure color and emotion. For me, abstract painting is a form of meditation, a way of connecting with the creative force that animates us all. I began painting daily as a distraction from my grief from losing my brother. I instead found a deeper connection with him through creating my art, which has helped me throughout this journey of healing.
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