Tammy Gowans

Born October 19, 1976 in Syracuse, New York, the now Washington-based digital media designer, Tammy Gowans, has been creating digital artwork since 2006. A former US Marine air traffic controller, her art is influenced by loss, acquired wanderlust, and synesthesia-like contrast and color therapy.

From the Artist... The universe only takes more than it can give if you give it permission to do so. My artwork is a personal statement of balance, abstract metaphor and hedonism through color and contrast – a form of self-soothing therapy. I primarily work with Photoshop and Procreate to create sensory-stimulating imagery.

Originally self-taught in 2006, I went on to pursue Digital Media through the College of San Mateo. My work has since been published and distributed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Tacoma Washington area and through large and small businesses across the globe. Art is the perfect vessel to navigate through the sadness, beauty and madness this world offers.

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