Smirco 60

From the Artist, Smirco 60... News Photography provided me with a 35 year career. When it suddenly ended, I was faced with a choice: seek further work in the industry that had left me, or experience the creative and intellectual freedom that it prohibits. I chose creativity- but other life events sent me spiraling. I grabbed onto graphic design and fine art as a lifeline, with the earth shifting beneath me. In 2016, I was diagnosed bi-polar; and my art seems to be driven by my fragmented mind as I process current events. Through vectors, news photographs - and increasingly classical paintings - I interpret the spin based on decades in the news business and try to shed some light on what’s unheard and unseen. I represent the maligned half of the country, good people concerned about the direction of America and the corruption in DC. We are the people the left deride or ignore. Moving forward, I will transfer these shards of creativity to canvas, and find my way to incorporate digital imaging into an analog space.

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