MRSN is a mixed media artist currently based in Los Angeles. MRSN creates gestural figure works that distort and reimagine the human body in space.

From the Artist... My technique is wildly gestural and I work from my imagination without references. I spent years of my life drawing and redrawing pages from George Bridgman books and it had a profound impact on my style; the way figures shape negative space, jutting out or fading into the background. I constantly refer to people, places and things I’ve seen as I add and subtract layers, I am always reforming the composition. When I start out on a piece I never know exactly what direction I am going, I don't sketch out ideas but I push myself layer after layer to find that click in my head - - when I realize something divine through a sort of ugly distortion. I only have one rule when I work: that there will always be depth - both in the content and the meaning.

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