Delinda Arts

From the Artist... My name is Matthew Bloomer, but I go by Delinda Arts. I create digital illustrations using vectorized shapes. I'm currently working in Birmingham, Alabama.

My style consists of abstract and organic shapes that flow off of each other. I stick to a black background for a million reasons but the main reason is because it helps  the colors I use pop and stand out, so it makes for a pretty good contrast. Speaking of color, I love to stick to blues, pinks, purples, and maybe the occasional red and orange. My influences include Brian Donnelly aka KAWS, Dan Mumford, KaCeyKal, and Matt Gondek. My process varies to how detailed I'm aiming to be for a piece. It definitely takes a lot of time for each piece. Most of my subject matter stems from my childhood and whatever I'm currently feeling at the moment depending if I'm happy, sad, or angry. Working off emotion is probably my favorite way to work. To keep myself focused, I usually have a podcast on or even music.

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