Lucia Fernández Sandoval

Lucia F S resides in Mula, Spain. Contemporary artist of various disciplines, writer, poet, graphic designer, illustrator, painter, music producer. Designs from image. Digital art and photography fill the author's hands and artistic eye. Creation and edition of book covers. Philosopher and philologist at heart. She likes everything related to fine arts. Portrays and illustrates many of her works. Genius and gifted. Her great intelligence has made her an expert in the art of editing, layout, proofreading and design in the world of independent publication. Since she was little she has wanted to write and draw. In adolescence she created her own CD covers. She sells her own digital art. Paleography. Expressionism.

From the Artist... My work is full of the hand, of letting myself express everything that my being, my soul, wants to say in an abstract way as well as if it is a codex itself. And in actually it is. Apart from other disciplines, such as poet, I am immersed in digital art, too. Acrylic on canvas. My style is abstraction and expressionism. I have projects in several websites and at the moment also in the NFT world.

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