Amanda Howell Whitehurst

Amanda Howell Whitehurst is native of Jacksonville, Florida. She is self taught in illustration having more than 20 years experience. Her influences are black women like her and black women she is inspired by. Amanda loves to show the beauty, strength, and inspiration of black and brown women.

“I look at who I am, or who I may want to be. Confident, beautiful, earthy, and strong. What drives my portraits is the woman who doesn’t have to be flashy, or all made up, but in her natural state, bringing attention to her eyes, because she knows who she is and her worth. Music also plays an important role in the mood and vibe of each portrait, that also helps take me to that place of creativity.”

My work is primarily digital. My style ranges from the broad strokes of beautiful paintings to a Vintage Comic style with a modern twist. All were influenced by Black. Something important to me and something that I am.

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