Skee Goedhart

Born in Paris, raised in London, Skee Goedhart has been painting for more than 35 years. His colorful, diverse artistic style reflects an incredibly unusual and Fellini-esque childhood. Both of his parents were skaters in the world’s largest touring ice show. From his earliest memories he was engulfed in a sea of color and spectacle; lavish costumes, showgirls, peacock feathers, skating chimpanzees and sparkling rhinestones.

His artwork reflects a lifelong fascination for the diversity of the world’s spiritual/religious traditions; their symbolism, theology, mythology, folklore, and especially the idea of achieving trance states and accessing other worlds. Graduating from Florida State University with a B.A. in studio art, he attended a seminary and earned an M.DIV, in the History of Religion. As well as spirituality, Goedhart’s work expresses deep love for animals of all shapes and sizes. Along with subject matter, his choice of media has also evolved over time including canvas, wood, ceramic, fiberglass, and paper mâché.

Today Skee lives in Los Angeles and, as well as painting, works as a hypnotherapist. He has developed a unique therapeutic approach where he uses his paintings to augment and deepen the hypnotic process and helps his clients overcome anxiety, gain focus and unlock untapped creativity.

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