Aazam Irilian

Aazam Irilian was born in Iran and has resided in Southern California since 1977. Her extensive experience in a broad range of mediums is led by her passion for painting and sculpture. She is also an art educator with a Masters degree in Art Education as well as being certified both as a practitioner in, NLP, Therapeutic Imagery and in Social Emotional Arts (SEA)*.

Aazam has shown in galleries throughout California as well as Oregon, and Florida and her works are in various private collections around the world. She is a member of Los Angeles Artist Association(LAAA) and Women Painters West (WPW). Aazam has been sharing her passion for the expressive arts with students of all ages and diverse populations for over thirty years. She believes in the therapeutic aspect of the arts, and uses the creative process as a tool for healing for those dealing with life challenges and overcoming adversity.

From the Artist... Being an artist is pouring one's soul onto the canvas, carving it into a stone or molding it into clay. It is being able to free the mind to create beauty, to create mysteries and, to create long-lasting emotion and passion for the viewer. My paintings are created through combining minerals, acrylic, fabric dyes and oil on canvas. Using layers of one or all mediums, I create texture and depth within the space. This results in crystallization on the canvas, leading to a sense of fluidity and translucency on the surface, complemented by organic lines to create movement and form.

I am inspired by nature, where I am pulled into experiencing every curve, movement, texture, and fragrance by being present in any given moment. I paint intuitively, capturing the essence of light and positive energy of my experiences. In the process, I explore unlimited options that present themselves and a variety of elements from nature become prominent in my work. I do not paint the actual objects but my experience of the space and the undercurrent and core of what seems to be visible.I create from the heart. Through my art I intent to touch the hearts and souls of my viewers, to bring them joy, lift their spirit and transcend the moment to one beyond this world.

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