Joshua Gridley

Joshua Patrick Gridley, [JPG], is a visionary artist whose work seamlessly bridges the realms of nature and abstract creation. His mission is to offer viewers a fresh perspective on the world, inviting them to explore its beauty and mysteries and, perhaps, embark on their own artistic journey. Born and raised in the scenic landscapes of Fountain Hills, AZ, Joshua has dedicated over 28 years to his craft. In 2018, he embarked on an extraordinary challenge, creating art for an entire year using his non-dominant hand. From these humble beginnings, he filled 13 sketchbooks with 30 illustrations each, alongside a multitude of larger, more refined works. JPG's art radiates Love, Light, and Creativity, destined to enrich your life. His unique perspective reveals that the world's seemingly empty spaces are brimming with imagined vistas, continuously buffering, slowly rendering, and eternally expanding. Experience his art, be inspired, and embark on your own journey of artistic discovery.
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