Digital Art


Sondra Bernstein, also known as 4everKurious in artistic circles, resides in the picturesque landscapes of Sonoma, California. Embracing a unique fusion of the tangible and the digital, she draws inspiration from her surroundings, seamlessly blending original photography with cutting-edge digital tools such as Midjourney. This innovative approach has catapulted her creations into diverse and unexpected realms, gracing electronic billboards in the vibrant pulse of New York's Times Square, enchanting audiences at the NFC Conference in Lisbon, and adorning the walls of esteemed art galleries in Paris.
However, Sondra's talents extend far beyond the digital sphere. With a profound affinity for hospitality and culinary arts, she established the renowned "girl & the fig" restaurant in the heart of Sonoma. Here, her passions converge as she crafts not only delectable meals but also an immersive artistic experience, introducing diners to her evolving artwork.
In addition to her roles as a Creator and culinary entrepreneur, Sondra is deeply engaged in the world of NFTs as a Collector and Curator, contributing to platforms like Furthermore, she explores the realm of Voxels, showcasing her skills as an architect, builder, and creator of home goods.
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