Darpan Kaur

Darpan Kaur is a Contemporary Abstract Artist living in gorgeous Goa, India. She left her corporate career to explore Alternate Healing which led her to explorations in Art. After a decade of doing both at varying degrees, she has reached a happy equilibrium where both feed each other. She is an intuitive Artist and her fundamentals come from Nicholas Wilton's Art2life course. She works with Oils and Acrylics and some mixed media.

If there is a language in art then abstract is the language she is most comfortable speaking. She is interested in differences and in building something layer by layer, sometimes letting the undersides peek through. She has displayed her work across the virtual and real-world beginning with her debut at the prestigious Prince of Wales Museum in Mumbai. She has been featured in numerous editorial write-ups and was chosen by Art278 magazine as one of 50 Women Artists of the World. Most Recently she made it to the Art2Life International Juried Exhibition in August 2021.

From the Artist... There was once a little girl whose nose was buried in a fairy tale and her head was in the clouds with fantastical creatures. With Art making I find myself closer than ever to that little girl, where there is magic in the creation, where known and unknown creatures appear, where fantasy lands are seen. Every new artwork is an anticipation of what the canvas will choose to reveal.

I've always loved the abstract and I've always been interested in differences. I love it when dinner plates and serving bowls don't match and when different flowers grow out of the same pot. I love curvy and jagged lines because it feels like they're leading somewhere different. I love the worn-out, distressed look because it's so interesting to see glimpses of the journey to the present. I love how intense green vines grow over rusty gates and especially love moss and tiny plants that grow on old brick walls. In my self-work I've been exploring replacing the 'or' with an 'and' and that's what I hope to bring into my art as well. I love using non-brush art tools and I love mark-making. There's a particular taste in the mouth when love, joy, and passion collide and Art does that for me.

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