Susan Doyle

Born on the island of Newfoundland, Canada, Susan has been immersed in the raw and powerful energy of the ocean and the importance of connecting with nature and with the collective energy of a community. Susan is an intuitive abstract artist and has been painting and selling her work internationally for over 15 years.

Influenced by the freedom in the work by great artists such as Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline, Susan found her own voice and started down her own path. She is a self-taught artist who believes in the art of inner expressionism and most of her pieces are charged with high emotions void of traditional brushwork. Much of her work is derived from a connection with nature; both its raw energy and calming effects. The spirit and energy that is evident in her work is gaining international attention.

From the Artist... Being an artist does not simply mean you are good at sketching or painting, or that you can act, sing or dance. It means succumbing to the voice in the depths of your soul and letting go all that you are without fear of rejection or ridicule. It means pushing yourself to the edge of your being and making a new path all your own. A true artist listens to what is inside and creates from within, without any constraints or limits from the outside world. I have lived many lifetimes, and embraced life in every chapter.

I have lived in Egypt, Germany, Toronto, Florida and now I am back home in Newfoundland, Canada that is depicted by many as the ‘the edge of the earth’. The rugged and vast coastline provides endless artistic inspiration and growing up on the island has allowed the ocean to penetrate deep into my soul and become my compass. As a result, much of my work is derived from the raw energy the ocean produces - the colors, the movement, the sheer power, and the magic that it brings. My work tends to sway back and forth between the abstract and expressionism, capturing an emotional response of all that surrounds us. All of us have a story to tell, either to our own selves or to others, and art is a natural avenue of self expression and communication.

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