Maxim Beeching

From the Artist, Maxim Beeching... I am a mixed-media, Atlanta-based studio artist attracted to the rough, rugged, and raw side of life. From particle board dumped out by construction sites, to the pavement of the streets, I see raw beauty in these elements of humanity that are often discarded and overlooked. I combine photography, sculpture, and painting in order to fully convey this point. I believe it is my personal task to dissect, examine, and reveal the true beauty of these elements for everyone to see and appreciate. I also enjoy spreading my love of creating to anyone who is interested. That is why I volunteer at community art workshops around Atlanta such as Church on the Street. Getting people together for the sake of forging relationships collaborating and is most important to me as an artist.

My work and performances have been showcased in multiple venues, including galleries and restaurants around Atlanta and Athens, GA.

Over the course of my life I have realized that in order to grow as a person, expand my mind, and be comfortable with myself, I must recognize my own rage and expose my inner beast for the world to see. I must not only accept my flaws but embrace them. My goal is to conquer my insecurities and be at peace with myself. My anger does not motivate me; the idea of achieving a calm mind is what motivates me, and I attempt to channel my anger through my art.

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