Svetlana Gorina

From the Artist... I paint the beauty - so I would say about my paintings. The beauty of the wind, air and nature, its strength, energy and wisdom. I create with great joy and love from the heart. Yes, I am a very positive person. All my paintings have very saturated colors and textures. I paint with a palette knife - it helps me to convey all the freshness and energy of motion of each blade of grass, leaf or flower. And all my work often several abstracts, I show only the line between reality and abstraction. Because I believe that man will never make anything more beautiful than nature itself, so I do not see any reason to make a realistic of the painting. I use rich and complex layers of paint in an effort to push the viewer to their own contemplation.

My way to the creation of paintings was very confused and full of internal fears and doubts. My basic education - sport end moda, while I visited the studio of Fine Arts and within two years took private lessons in painting. To paint I started still in 1998, with oil paints began to work in 2018, and now I can say that came to this present style - it's my nature. For a long time I chose and studied the styles of drawing from different schools. At the beginning of my drawing, I studied the Russian avant-garde - in particular, the school of Osip Abramovich Sidlin (1909-1972).

O. A. Sidlin is a student of A. I. Savinov, A. A. Osmerkin, K. S. Petrov-Vodkin. Now he is a student of Sidlin - Yuri Nashivochnikov, who created the Sidlin School and the Temple Wall association. I studied avant-garde at the Temple Wall and the "4th Floor art studio".

Then I was interested in impressionism and abstraction. Namely, the transfer of the meaning of the picture through color and light. I am an Impressionist, Post-Impressionist and Art Nouveau artist. I paint oil paintings on canvas. I want to explore the landscapes and landscape of your country, combining them with my technique of oil painting on canvas.

Art should inspire you to various accomplishments and do you good, and your house is cozy and fabulous, makes you want to change the world for the better and to touch your heart, show you their true thoughts and make a life change and move forward. I hope my paintings will help you feel the power, naturalness, beauty and power of nature.

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